What is PayGov?
Dept. Of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Govt. Of India has collaborated with NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) for providing a centralized platform for facilitating all Govt. departments and services to collect online payments from Citizens for Govt. services. This platform is titled as "PayGov". PayGov is a ready infrastructure with approved transaction costs which can be used to provide online payment services to citizens. For more details on NDML please refer to http://www.ndml.in/
Which Govt. Departments and Services can avail PayGov facility.
DeitY has created the PayGov platform to facilitate widespread use of e-Governance in India. Intent is to facilitate online provision of all possible types of Government to Citizen Services. These services could be provided by Central Government Departments (Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Home Ministry etc.) or by State Government Departments, Govt. Agencies / bodies, Municipalities, Public Utilities, Tax payments etc. Departments can also use PayGov services for online tenders, procurements. Universities, Medical institutes can use the services for admissions. The services can be used even for conference participation, relief fund donations etc.
What is the infrastructure and readiness required at the end of the Govt. Department to connect with PayGov?
Online service portal of the department should be ready which should be able to track each transaction and communicate messages through internet with PayGov. PayGov has a standard set of documents, procedures and system protocols to facilitate the integration. If department is using NSDG / SSDG components as developed and provided by DeitY, PayGov has developed connectivity for the same as well. Department would need to provide details of the services and also execute a payment gateway service agreement.
What is needed from department end to integrate with PayGov?
PayGov team will share the following to enable payment integration, same can be downloaded from Download Forms
  • Agreement to be signed
  • Integration document
  • Payment Gateway Registration Form - to be filled and submitted
  • Bank Details form, attested by the merchant's bank.
  • Parameter sheet is required to start the technical integration process after which PayGov will issue a URL to you for testing.
  • Merchant details form to be filled

Also below details need to be updated on merchant portal as a part of Visa and Master guidelines. These details are compulsory for PayGov to enable debit/credit card option on the portal.

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund / Cancellation Policy
  • Contact Us
  • List of Products sold and their Pricing
What modes of payment are available on PayGov?
PayGov has following comprehensive range of payment modes to facilitate e payment :
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Net Banking ( Approximately 70 banks enabled)
  • IMPS (Immediate Payment Services)
  • Cash-card / Prepaid Card/ Wallets
What is the security measures that are followed?
PayGov adopts stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your customer's personal information and their credit card details, are well protected. Customers enter all their personal information and credit card details on secure server and the same is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet.
How will PayGov communicate status of the transaction?
Paygov will provide the return response with STATUS to the designated Portal Return URL received in the initial transaction request.
How does the money get settled into our account?

Money will get settled at T+2. (For treasury payments money will be settled at T+1) There are 3 kinds of settlement processes that can be followed.

Manual Settlement

  • Portal to pick up all the records for the previous day where transaction status was SUCCESS. Create a file in the standard format and upload into PayGov Interface
  • In this process the department would also need to upload a refund file for cases which were not received as "Success".
  • All transactions where PayGov does not receive a response from the bank during the transaction session will be auto refunded

Auto Settlement

  • Department need not prepare and upload settlement and refund files.
  • All transactions where the transaction status is received as successful (during the transaction session) from banks will be settled and transactions where PayGov does not receive a response from bank during the transaction session will be auto refunded.

Recon Settlement

  • PayGov will settle all transaction which are received as Success at its end; during transaction session or as late confirmations/reporting from the bank.
Can PayGov handle treasury payments?
Yes, PayGov can handle payments that can be directly settled into the treasury a/c
Can the transactions amount be split between separate bank A/c?
Yes, if required this can be done.
Can the money be transferred to multiple bank accounts depending on the services?
Yes as per the service defined, amount can be settled in multiple bank accounts.
Can the department request for a refund in case the service is not rendered?
Yes, refund is possible. The money is transferred back into the source account.
What is the process of refunds?
Department needs to email / upload the files that needs to be refunded, as guided by PayGov.
Is there a possibility of charge back? How will charge back be handled?

As per the card associations [Visa/ Mastercard] guidelines, cardholders can dispute a charge [generally within 180 days of the transaction date] on grounds that he/she did not do the transaction; or that the Portal has not rendered the services for the specific charge.

The portal can either furnish evidence confirming that the service was provided or confirm that the transaction can be reversed.

For any charge backs that are received and debited, PayGov would intimate and pass on these chargebacks to Portal; and this amount will be deducted in the Merchant report.

Can the payment be integrated with SSDG/ NSDG
Can PayGov enable payments through a mobile app?
How much time is needed to integrate with Pay Gov?
Post submitting all documents and completing the testing; PayGov would need 2 weeks to enable live set up
Who can be contacted for assisting in using PayGov?
You can get in touch with the following from NDML. Refer to Contact Us